ARC Review: Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch

17404295Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes #2)


It’s been three months since the Winterians were freed and Spring’s king, Angra, disappeared—thanks largely to the help of Cordell.

Meira just wants her people to be safe. When Cordellan debt forces the Winterians to dig their mines for payment, they unearth something powerful and possibly dangerous: Primoria’s lost chasm of magic. Theron sees this find as an opportunity—with this much magic, the world can finally stand against threats like Angra. But Meira fears the danger the chasm poses—the last time the world had access to so much magic, it spawned the Decay. So when the king of Cordell orders the two on a mission across the kingdoms of Primoria to discover the chasm’s secrets, Meira plans to use the trip to garner support to keep the chasm shut and Winter safe—even if it means clashing with Theron. But can she do so without endangering the people she loves?

Mather just wants to be free. The horrors inflicted on the Winterians hang fresh and raw in Januari—leaving Winter vulnerable to Cordell’s growing oppression. When Meira leaves to search for allies, he decides to take Winter’s security into his own hands. Can he rebuild his broken kingdom and protect them from new threats?

As the web of power and deception weaves tighter, Theron fights for magic, Mather fights for freedom—and Meira starts to wonder if she should be fighting not just for Winter, but for the world.



Ice like Fire is the second installment of Sara Raasch’s Snow like Ashes trilogy.  We pick up almost right where we left off in the first book; Meira and the Winterians return to Winter to rebuild their kingdom, but under the thumb of Cordell.

Let’s start with the things I liked!

The Cover/Title

I have always felt that the titles Snow like Ashes and Ice Like Fire had a poetry about them.  The titles convey beautiful imagery and allude to the actual heart of each story.  The covers also do a fantastic job of drawing in the reader’s interest with their dynamic artwork.

The Other Kingdoms

In Ice like Fire, Meira is forced to travel to the other Season and Rhythm kingdoms in search of a way to unlock the Magical Chasm that lies under Winter.  But Meira sees it as an opportunity to garner support from Winter, should they decide to cut ties with Cordell.  I  enjoyed how vastly different each kingdom was and the details in which they were built.  I cringed reading about Summer’s never-ending quest for pleasure of any kind, at any price and was insulted by Yakim’s arrogant assurance in their own intelligence.  But Ventrali’s cruelty really took the cake.

The Love Story

No, not with Meira and Mather. Not even with Meria and Theron.  Without giving anything away, all I can say is that the love story I was most intrigued by revolved around Ceridwen.

The Action

When there was action, it was great.  It was intense and emotional and exciting.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t really happen until the end of the book.

Now the things I didn’t like.

The Pacing/The Characters

Ice like Fire is that frustrating second book in a trilogy where most of the main characters are whiny, self-indulgent, and make stupid decisions.  Meira in Snow like Ashes was tough, resilient, and sure of her place.  In Ice like Fire, Meira struggles almost through the entire book to reconcile herself as a Queen.  And I suppose I get that.  It would be daunting to be thrust into a leadership position after believing that role would fall to someone else your whole life.  But she let the expectation of what it was to be a Queen defeat her.  The Meira that fought so hard in the first book to be noticed for who she was allowed others to roll right over her and dictate who she should be in the second.

Mather and Sir were no different.  Neither would talk about the elephant in the room; Mather’s true heritage.  Because of this, Mather sulked and drank away his troubles.  Sir let the ghosts of past and present failures eat away at him until he was a shadow of the strong, sure man he was in Snow like Ashes.

The pacing was a bit slow as well as we  are introduced to so many new places. But what drove me nuts more than anything was Meira’s inner dialogue.  It felt like that was the majority of the book.  She stewed about everything and I found myself shouting at her to make a decision!

Overall, I didn’t dislike this book.  There were great parts and the ending will definitely leave you wanting more, so I think it’s worth the read.  I’d love to know what you guys think so drop me a line!


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