I was so excited for October’s Loot Crate.  If you’re not familiar with Loot Crate, they offer a monthly geek and gamer subscription box.  Every month Loot Crate sends out exclusive geek and gamer gear centered around a monthly theme.  October’s theme was TIME.

My husband has been receiving Loot Crate for over a year, and I’ve always enjoyed the fun and unique items in each crate. Loot Crate had announced that October’s crate would contain a Tshirt and an exclusive Funko Pop. Being a huge Dr. Who fan, I made the plunge myself and ordered my very first Loot Crate.



I couldn’t have been more disappointed.

My disappointment was two-fold.  First, although the theme for October was TIME, there was only one Dr. Who related item in the crate.



Now, a Sonic Spork would be kind of cool, IF it was usable.  Unfortunately, the quality was poor and I doubt it would stand up to multiple washes rendering it useless.  I had really been hoping that the Dr. Who item would have been the exclusive Pop or shirt.

The remaining contents of October’s Loot Crate centered around celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  As you can see from the picture below there was a Hoverboard replica, a Doc Brown Funko Pop, and a Bill and Ted’s excellent Tshirt.



Here is where my second disappoint came in.  As a child of the 80’s, my disappointment about the lack of Dr. Who gear could have begrudgingly been assuaged by the fun Bill and Ted Tshirt.  Being a first time subscriber, I based my shirt size off of Loot Crates sizing chart.  I chose a Woman’s size medium shirt because that is the size I wear everyday.  No brainer right?


I was shocked when I pulled the shirt from the crate.  Woman’s size medium? More like child’s size x-small! And just in case you’re thinking that maybe the shirt sizing just ran a little small, here is a picture of my 40 POUND 9-year-old wearing the shirt.



I immediately contacted customer support and checked Reddit to find that I was not an isolated case. There were pages and pages of posts concerning the sizing problem which seemed to only affect the Woman’s sizing.

Customer support did contact me to apologize for the shirts running “a bit smaller” (that’s laughable) this month and provided a shipping label for me to send it back in the crate for replacement.  However, when I inquired as to the new size they would send me, they suggested a Woman’s XL……..  I have yet to receive the replacement shirt.

Overall, I am extremely disappointed with not only this month’s Loot Crate, but the company itself.  I understand that different shirts run different sizes, but to say the shirts ran “a bit small” is ridiculous.  A woman’s shirt fitting a 9 year-old isn’t a bit small. Their response to the sizing issue was lackluster and insincere and because of that, they have lost me as a customer.

Loot Crate is not the only subscription box aimed at geeks and gamers.  Though Loot Crate’s monthly subscription fee is probably the lowest, I feel there are several other fantastic options out there.

Did anyone else get October’s crate?






    • I have always enjoyed my husband’s crates. This one probably wasn’t terrible for everyone. I’m pretty picky about the things I collect so I was really hoping for more Dr. Who inspired items. I could have just brushed it off as a box that just wasn’t for me had it not been for the shirt issue. I’m not a huge feminist or anything, but I did feel like sending out a shirt that size and calling it a woman’s medium was demeaning and insulting to women everywhere. I corresponded with Brandon at Customer Support for some time about the issue but never felt like they truly felt it was an issue. Though I wish it had been a better experience for myself, my husband will continue to receive the box monthly He loves it and feels like it’s a great deal. A few weeks ago I reviewed GeekFuel, another geek and gamer type of subscription box. I absolutely loved it. It’s slightly higher in price but I feel like you get a lot more bang for your buck. Every crate promises a tshirt and PC game along with exclusive collectables. Might want to check it out!


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