Review: Fantasy and Sci-fi Books debut subscription box + Giveaway!



The lovely Theresa at Fantasy and Sci-fi Books was kind enough to send me their very first subscription box for review!

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books  is the newest monthly YA book subscription service.  Each month they will send out a new release YA Sci-Fi or Fantasy book along with 3-4 related items surrounding the theme of the book.  These bookish items will include fandom jewelry, collectibles, bookmarks, bags, and more! Boxes will include items made especially for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books that cannot be purchased anywhere else.  Boxes will also include exclusive items from guest authors! 

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books box subscription is is $27.99 plus shipping – USA $6.99, Canada $19.99, International $26.99.

If you missed their debut box, there’s still time!



Still looking for the December box in time for the holidays?  Email us at the address found in the FAQ. We are doing a second shipment for customers who want the December box. Regular ordering is for the January 5th box.

Use Code 10offjan for 10% off

I was so excited to see this box at my door! And let me tell you guys, it was a LARGE and HEAVY box!


The packaging is pretty simple, but I like that.  And who are we kidding, we’re in it for what’s inside anyway! 🙂

So without further ado…………………


The inside!

There are several subscription boxes that use the shredded paper for packing, and then there are some boxes that don’t use anything.  This box opted for simple tissue paper wrapped goodies.  Simple is good!  Who wants to pick up all those pieces of shredded paper anyway? 🙂

The blue card is the list of all the goodies inside.  It’s face down when you open the box so if you don’t want spoilers you can set it aside until later.  Ready to see the goodies?


That is one packed box!

So the first thing I pulled out was the book on top.  It is Unforgiven by Lauren Kate, and is the companion book to her Fallen series.  Now, I’m not familiar with this series myself, but it is a beautiful hardcover and the premise sounds very interesting!  I was enlightened by my friend Becky (@Becky_LoveDemi) who co-blogs over at that there is a movie in the works for the series as well!

Besides Unforgiven, there were two book related items: a metal cuff and guitar key chain.



According to the note included, the metal bracelet represents the mechanical cuff some of the troublemakers sent to Sword and Cross were forced to wear.

The Guitar Keychain represents Lilith and her song.  They changed Cam and inspired him to make music and become the rocker known at Sword and Cross.

Most bookish boxes I’ve seen send along bookish items that may relate to the book or that particular month’s theme.  What I found interesting and different about Fantasy and Sci-fi books was, though the items absolutely held significance to the book, they weren’t necessarily bookish items.

That could go either way for some people.  I really like the idea of getting bookish items and supporting those who make them.  But on the other hand, I really like the fact that the curators of this box really took the time to find specific items related to Unforgiven.

There were still more goodies underneath all of that!


That IS a second book!  And guess what?  It’s signed!!


Finally, there were two bookmarks and a draw string bag.  I know it’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s really big!


According to the blue card, the gold wings represent Cam’s wings.  The bag was an item specially made just for this box and cannot be bought anywhere else!


Here is what everything looks like together!

I couldn’t be more pleased with this box!  I was impressed by the quality of each item included, and feel that it is worth the subscription fee. I can’t wait to see what Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books do for the January’s box!

I loved this box so much that I want to share it with all of you!  Enter for a chance to win Fantasy and Sci-fi Book’s very first box below! (US/CAN only)

I would love to know if anyone else has subscribed to this fantastic new YA Book box!

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8 thoughts on “Review: Fantasy and Sci-fi Books debut subscription box + Giveaway!

    • I love the fact that it is a genre-specific box, as I’m not always keen on contemporaries. I like knowing that I’m going to get books I’ll love! I hope you enjoy it if you decide to subscribe! 🙂


  1. I like that this box is specifically dedicated to one genre. I liked the variety of thingd that were in thr box as well. I mesn there were TWO books in this box. How is that not exciting.


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