ARC Review: Jonah by Nikki Kelly

jonahJonah (The Styclar Saga #3)

The conclusion of the Styclar Saga trilogy focuses on Jonah, the vampire badboy with a hunger for Lailah and a rivalry with the angel Gabriel.

Jonah is the vampire who saved Lailah from the appetites of even darker evil: the vampire Purebloods. Now he must decide whether he will give up his existence so that Lailah will survive—even if it means that she will spend eternity with his friend and rival, the angel Gabriel.

This stunning conclusion to the Styclar Saga will have fans deciding once and for all: Team Jonah or Team Gabriel?



What an amazing ending to an amazing trilogy! Be prepared, Nikki Kelly will rip your heart out and hand it back with no apologies. But the end is worth the pain, I promise!

In Jonah, we start off with a gorgeously written re-imagining of Creation and the Garden of Eden. It is here that we finally learn the truth of how the Dimensions, and all that exist within, came into existence.

We quickly pick up right where we left off in Gabriel. Lailah has picked her ship and she’s determined to see him saved, even if it means sacrificing her own life to the third dimension. Lailah is prepared to die in order to seal the rifts between the third dimension and earth and save everyone that she loves, after she saves Jonah. Too bad Jonah wasn’t on board with the plan.

Paraded around as The Savior, Lailah struggles with reconciling her two halves: angel and demon, and what it means to be truly human. And only a chance meeting with an old friend who knows her only as Cessie, does she gain the clarity she desperately needs.

The end, guys… the end is as brutally beautiful as a butterfly’s wings. But it’s perfect.

I have been a fan of Nikki Kelly and The Styclar Saga since day one and cannot get enough of these characters.  I have unabashedly proclaimed my love for Gabriel and will ship him and Lailah until the day I die. However, I have nothing but love for Jonah  and I think it really says something for the character development throughout all three books.

I will miss the characters and the world that Nikki Kelly so intricately created and if you haven’t read The Styclar Saga yet, what are you waiting for???